Goddess Erryn Hex


Seeing a Dominatrix for the first time can be a fairly daunting experience. You might be afraid of getting scammed, ripped off, or even judged.

Let Me try to put your fears at rest.

I wouldn't still be one of Scotland's elite young Dominatrices if I was in the habit of scamming My clients. I've had an impressive four year career in the adult industry and I intend on My reign lasting for many more years to come! I would also never judge a submissive on their kinks - remember that I only offer services I personally enjoy, so why would I judge another for what I also find enjoyable?!

I am grateful for every new client who books a session and follows through on the day, as I know how nervous some can be. Once we get inside the dungeon we'll have a brief consultation and chat to put you at ease and let you become familiar with the surroundings. I never begin a session without a quick chat first! It is here you will be given your safewords and we will discuss what will happen in the event of you using them.

Nothing will ever happen during the session that you don't want. I firmly believe that while the Dominant should have a certain amount of free reign, that freedom should never be over-stepped or abused. After several years as a Pro Domme, I can tell when things are becoming too much for a submissive, and I will always seductively ask for your interest in trying new things before putting them into action.

BDSM is about consent, and all My clients are fully aware that I operate under SSC (safe, sane, consensual) and RACK (risk aware consensual kink). 

If, after reading this page, you are still interested in booking your first session with Me then I would love to have you. Use the form on the Contact page to enquire. I also offer Skype consultations to new clients, for a small fee. Talking with Me over Skype may be enough to put your mind at ease.


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