Goddess Erryn Hex

All Men Serve


All men serve - even the ones who think they are dominant...


Once you get a man's dick hard, you can practically do anything to them. Last Friday that exact thing happened. Miss Malice and I were headed over to a friend's house for what, he thought, was going to be a regular threesome situation. What he got was anything but!

In reality, Miss Malice and I teamed up to dominate him unexpectedly, and he ended up loving every single minute of it. Why? Because all men serve in the end. A tough, 6'2 man was reduced to a begging mess on his own living room floor as we tormented him, hands bound behind his back with rope and pink handcuffs. By spanking him and using My favourite flogger, we even made him cry out that he was a big pussy.

What a fun evening!

A full erotica write up version can be found on OnlyFans, iWantFanClub, AdultWork, iWantClips, and NiteFlirt.


Posted on 8th March 2019

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