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Seeking Personal Subs


I am now accepting applications for personal submissives & slaves. If you're curious about serving Me, read the information below. If you think you honestly have what it takes, send over a note of interest.

Unfortunately, many of the subs who have applied lately have been disappointing. While I don't take on hoardes of subs at any one time, I genuinely enjoy building dynamics with subs and introducing them to My stable of pets... That's why it is so disappointing to see them disregard rules and treat My time and effort like an unimportant game.

Please note that you will be subject to the following 'terms and conditions' if/when you apply:

  • I work on a three strike basis. If you continue to break rules, ignore Me, fail to communicate, refuse punishment etc. you will be dropped as a personal sub
  • All subs are expected to follow the general rules which are explained after successful application
  • I engage in non-sexual, non-romantic D/s play with subs. I do not date subs nor do I have any kind of sexual contact with them
  • If subs want any kind of session (online or dungeon) they are expected to pay the full amount for that service, deposit and cancellation policy included
  • Personal subs are expected to financially contribute to My empire. If you can't afford more than £50 each month, don't apply. That is the minimum amount I accept, in fact many of My subs offer more. As many of My subs can't serve Me in person, a financial contribution takes place of that
  • I do not immediately collar subs or throw around fancy titles. I have high standards of protocol and require committment, loyalty, and honesty. I have no intention of collaring someone who cannot meet those standards

My most loyal sub has been with Me for almost two years. There is room to grow, develop as a submissive, and explore your fetishes with Me. As a Domme, I find it incredibly fulfilling to train up subs and build trust with them.

However, I match the effort that subs put in - if you stop giving a shit, why should I continue to waste My time? If you can't (or don't think you can) check in every day via a messaging app, this isn't the position for you. As it's one of the easiest rules to follow, if you cannot do that it's unlikely you can follow the rest of My rules.

For those who wish to apply, send a £25 minimum tribute through this website or send a £25 minimum giftcard to goddesserryn@protonmail.com - you can find what giftcards I desire on the About page. Once you have sent the tribute and email Me stating your interest, you will receive an application form.


Goddess Erryn 


Posted on 19th January 2019

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