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Fetishes Explored: Ignore Fetish


From the subs that I've encountered over the year, a few have had what they would call an 'ignore fetish'. Despite it being quite a niche fetish, there's still enough fetishists out there who make having an ignore line worthwhile, and My ignore clips still make Me money. So what is ignore fetish, and why is it so popular among submissive men?



Simply put, ignore fetish is the act of ignoring someone, which gets the person off. The dominant completely ignores the submissive, which could easily be worked in as part of a scene or even as a punishment.

For some, the fetish has ties with abandonment, neglect, and voyeur fetishes. In fact, I find it highly amusing to torment and threaten subs with these kinds of things during sessions. There's nothing that will get a sub begging more than when you tell them you're going to lock them in the cage for the rest of the session while you do - anything - else. Most recently I locked My regular client up for five minutes due to a minor infraction during his session. He had to stand there in silence while I scrolled through My social media feeds, totally ignoring him.

Ignore fetish reminds subs how inferior they are. It shows them who is in control and who has the power. By ignoring My subs, I'm reminding them how little they matter to Me, and how easily I can pretend they don't even exist. When subs call My ignore line, the idea is that I am far too busy with other things to speak to - or want to speak to - an inferior male. But just what am I up to on the other end of the phone? I could be doing something mundane like housework, or I could be grabbing coffee with friends, or even pleasuring Myself with My phone muted so the sub doesn't hear a single thing...

Do you have an ignore fetish? Call My NiteFlirt line!


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Posted on 14th January 2019

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