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Goodbye 2018


It's hard to believe that this year is almost over. 2018 has been one of the fastest years in a long time! It's been tough, I've been sick, and I've put so many new adventures into full swing. So without further ado, here's 5 things I'm grateful for in 2018.


1. My health

As cheesy as it sounds, I'm incredibly thankful for My health. The last half of 2017 and even Spring of 2018 wasn't an easy time for Me. I got sick at peak exam season in May with probably the worst bought of tonsillitis I've ever had, which meant I had to delay My final university exam until the Summer and I spent two weeks on My parents' sofa recovering from everything. Touch wood, since then I've been pretty healthy. Long may it continue!


2. My job

In September it marked a whole four years of working in the fetish industry. Remembering back to when I was a silly wee 18 year old visiting subs in hotels and private residences, I've definitely come a long way! Now I have a fairly established client base, I work out of two of Scotland's premier dungeons, and I've managed to successfully support Myself through university. Sex work was and still is the best career choice for Me.


3. My degree

For those of you who have been following Me for a while, you'll know that university hasn't been an easy or particularly fun experience for Me. Not only with chronic illness throughout My last two years, but bullying in My halls of residence, lonliness and mental health struggles, and My friends not being entirely comfortable or understanding of what I do for a living. I managed to put all of that aside and study My ass off, graduating on October 31st with a second class honours degree. It was one of the proudest moments of My life! Goddess Erryn Hex, BA (Hons).


4. My friends & family

Another cheesy one, but it's true. I wouldn't have gotten very far without their support over the course of this year. I'm extremely lucky to have a large family that are close, and I don't ever take that for granted.


5. Loyal subs

Being a Dominatrix is wonderful, but there's always those subs who make things that little bit easier. One sub will be marking two years as My loyal servant this February. It's incredibly heartwarming to think of all the clients, long and short term, who have trusted Me enough to come see Me in the dungeon for a session. After all, I wouldn't be a Dominatrix without you!


I truly hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a great New Year, and that the little bit left of 2018 is a happy time for you.


Merry Hexmas!

Goddess Erryn


Posted on 11th December 2018

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