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I love bruises. When you leave the dungeon and feel that throbbing each time you sit down, you remember what happened. When you see the bruising the following day, you remember our session all over again...


I love seeing marks of all kinds on subs. What I love even more is how different each sub is in their ability to mark. Some go bright red from the slightest of hits, whereas others can be struck time and time again with the thickest of canes and not bruise or welt in the slightest.

As a lover of impact play - which is a personal fetish of Mine - I absolutely adore sessions where I get to experience heavy beatings. Making someone completely submit and take the amount of pain that I'm giving them is a truly wonderful feeling. They suffer for Me and I love it. They worship Me as their dominant with pain, blood, and whimpers.

I crave your utter submission to the point where I have you bound, gagged, and being lashed over and over with My bullwhip. The question is: could you handle it?

You can always call to discuss it...


Scottish Dominatrix - Fetish Play Welcome


Goddess Erryn


Posted on 11th December 2018

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