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Yes, You Are Still Expected To Pay


There is so much time, effort and planning that goes into a session before the day even arrives. So if a client cancels at short notice, doesn't confirm on the day or decides to just not turn up, I'm put at a financial disadvantage. This is a reminder that if you're going to waste My time, you're going to pay for it.

Yes, I take deposits for bookings. Deposits go towards securing dungeon space - because I have to pay to hire both dungeons I work from - as well as giving Me more assurance that you're actually going to turn up on the day. Once dungeon hire is subtracted from the deposit I'm not left with masses of money, in some cases it may be as little as £25, so cancelling with the mindframe of 'well I paid a £50 deposit, that's still some money for you' is completely unhelpful. Do you honestly expect Me to be able to live off of that if I only have one booking that week, or only two bookings that entire month?

When you book with Me you're making a committment to actually turn up. If you think you might get too nervous and cancel, or you book when you're horny and then shit out of it on the day, don't contact Me. It takes a lot of balls to see a pro Domme and I hate seeing time wasters make a mockery of that, and now that I'm full time I've been getting a lot of bookings, which often means having to juggle clients around existing bookings or dungeon space. It's incredibly frustrating to have a client cancel on the day when I could have booked a regular client in, knowing that they would definitely show up. 

The other weekend I had a client pay a deposit, confirm perfectly and arrive promptly only to tell Me that he didn't bring money to the session. That is the first time in My four years in the fetish industry that I've asked a client to leave the dungeon. I ended up leaving the dungeon just 30 minutes into the allocated time feeling incredibly angry, embarrassed, and anxious. Weekend bookings incur an excess fee, and with it being December I was eager to take that session. But sitting on the 90 minute train home I wrote down everything that I had put into that booking for effectively nothing. Here's that list:

  • Initial contact with the client
  • Booked and paid for the dungeon
  • Rescheduled existing weekend plans
  • Showered
  • Hair
  • Make up
  • Purchased train tickets
  • Travelled to the session (2.5 hours travel time in total)
  • Picked an outfit and packed a session bag
  • Set up equipment in the dungeon
  • Planned the session

All that to not be compensated is a huge loss - and that covers those who cancel at short notice or don't confirm on the day. I will definitely have started to plan and prepare for the session and in some cases, depending on the time of the booking, I will have begun to get Myself ready.

It isn't a new thing that I ask for payment in full should you fail to attend or cancel. In fact, many Dommes ask for the session fee to be paid in full in cases like this. I've had a cancellation policy in place for several months which asks for full or partial payment for cancellations. If you're thinking of booking a session with Me I suggest you read it and absorb it on this webpage.

Of course people get unwell unexpectedly. Of course people have emergencies or accidents that mean they have to cancel their bookings for genuine reasons. However, I still expected to be compensated for My time if it's short notice, especially since the liklihood of filling that space with another client is very slim.

You need to cancel or fuck things up? Yes, you are still expected to pay.


Goddess Erryn


Posted on 9th December 2018

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